Mexico vs. Chile

Final result: 1:0

End of Second Half
75. min 1:0 Chile Francisco Castro replaces José Pedro Fuenzalida
69. min 1:0 Mexico Héctor Moreno replaces Francisco 'Maza' Rodríguez
66. min 1:0 Mexico Francisco 'Maza' Rodríguez was cautioned with a yellow card.
64. min 1:0 Mexico Paúl Aguilar was cautioned with a yellow card.
63. min 1:0 Mexico Adolfo Bautista replaces Andrés Guardado
60. min 1:0 Chile Manuel Iturra was cautioned with a red card and sent off!
58. min 1:0 Chile Manuel Iturra replaces Pedro Morales
55. min 1:0 Mexico Carlos Vela replaces Alberto Medina
55. min 1:0 Mexico Pablo Barrera replaces Cuauhtémoc Blanco
46. min 1:0 Chile Gonzalo Jara replaces Jaime Valdés
46. min 1:0 Chile Jean Beauséjour replaces Roberto Cereceda
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
13. min 1:0 Mexico Alberto Medina scored a goal (assist by Cuauhtémoc Blanco)!
Begin of First Half

Mexico Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación

Chile Federación de Fútbol de Chile

Estadio Azteca

  • Opened: 1966
  • Capacity: -
  • Capacity intl.: 105094
  • Owner: -
  • City: Mexico city
  • Country: Mexico