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Tricky question. Obviously, we deal with national teams, and everything which is or resembles a national team is in.

So we've got a core of fifa-approved countries and non-fifa countries that regularly play fifa countries. Examples would be Martinique (who are even a strong regional force when they take part in the gold cup), Greenland, Zanzibar, Reunion, East Timor or Tuvalu. All of these will probably become fifa members over the next years anyway.

Then we have territories that regularly compete in cups (Some of them quite old, like the Channel Island Cup) or friendlies, and very much resemble "normal" national teams. This includes all of the teams which compete in the Island Games, like Sapmi, Gotland, Falkland or Guernsey. Also in this category are territories that seldom play friendlies, but are clearly independent or overseas territories. This takes care of the Vatican, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Mayotte or Micronesia.

Mostly regional teams, like the spanish autonomous regions (There's the additional problem that many of them play for the spanish national team, or in the case of Jordi Cruyff, also for the Netherlands), the teams of the german Bundesländer or US state teams. There are borderline cases, like Hawaii (I would like to include them, like most far off islands, but then they play Colorado or California, and that surely shows no national team ambition) or the Crimea, which will of course be included as soon as they show signs of "national team activity".

Territories are also not included when they haven't actually played for a long time - or never at all. As soon as Bougainville, the Easter Island, Guangxi Zhuang, the Isles of Scilly or Chechnya show signs of activity, we'll think about including them.

Probably, if I feel very bored or someone pays me money for the site so I can pay people to do it for me.

No, because it would be hell to update. When all the archive functions are online, I will most probably add these after players have finished their national team career.

Most probably not, because again, I don't have the time, and I am also not interested in all the legal hussle with rights to photos.

I would love to write something about football in different parts of the world. I would love it even more if people would send me articles about their national teams, or the status of football in their country in general (if it is not france or argentina - we all know good the state of football is in these countries). Maybe a history for every team, but to be honest, that is not gonna happen anytime soon.

No, this site will not become a paysite. It mainly exists because I wanted to have such a site, but nobody was doing it for me. If I turned it into a paysite, the necessity of having such a site for free would immediately be there again.

There will also be no pop-ups or other annoying adverts becauce I hate them. I'm not against advertising, but will only do it if it fits into the site's design. Which, for all time until the world may end, excludes pop-ups.

Generally, I would like to earn money with the site, mainly because I would like to pay people to add interesting stuff and expand on the content. But I'll just have to find a different way. If someone ever would give the money, I might even be tempted to go back in football history and make this a site which includes every national player who ever played since the dawn of football. A ridiculously huge task indeed, and it's probably never gonna happen. Still, sooner or later someone has gotta do it... ;)

Actually this one hasn't been asked so far, but I wanted it to, so I'm gonna answer it anyway. Yes, I will surely expand this, and then your homeland will have its own smiley too.