Paraguay vs. Guatemala

Final result: 2:1

End of Second Half
81. min 2:1 Guatemala Carlos Ruíz scored a goal!
74. min 2:0 Paraguay Edgardo Orzusa replaces Jorge Mendoza
72. min 2:0 Paraguay Tobías Vargas replaces Joel Alberto Silva
70. min 2:0 Paraguay Ariel Bogado scored a penalty!
69. min 1:0 Guatemala Rafael Morales replaces Mario Rodríguez
67. min 1:0 Paraguay Jorge Rojas replaces Santiago Salcedo
61. min 1:0 Paraguay Fidencio Oviedo replaces Eric Ramos
57. min 1:0 Paraguay Ariel Bogado replaces Édgar Benítez
55. min 1:0 Guatemala Carlos Figueroa replaces Marco Pappa
46. min 1:0 Guatemala Mario Rodríguez replaces Guillermo Ramírez
46. min 1:0 Guatemala Minor López replaces Yony Flores
46. min 1:0 Guatemala Jaime Vides replaces Manuel Ovando
46. min 1:0 Guatemala Erwin Aguilar replaces Gustavo Cabrera
46. min 1:0 Paraguay Luis Cardozo replaces Julio Manzur
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
37. min 1:0 Paraguay Santiago Salcedo was cautioned with a yellow card.
34. min 1:0 Paraguay Édgar Benítez scored a goal (assist by Santiago Salcedo)!
Begin of First Half
End of Unknown Half
0. min 0:0 Guatemala Carlos Ruíz was cautioned with a yellow card.
0. min 0:0 Paraguay Reinaldo Ocampo was cautioned with a yellow card.
Begin of First Half

Paraguay Asociación Paraguaya de Fútbol

Guatemala Federación Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala

Feliciano Cáceres

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  • Capacity: -
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  • Owner: -
  • City: Luque
  • Country: Paraguay