China vs. Palestine

Final result: 1:3

End of Second Half
89. min 3:1 Palestine Ahmed Keshkesh scored a penalty!
89. min 3:1 China Zhi Yang was cautioned with a red card and sent off!
86. min 3:0 China Yang Tan replaces Bo Qu
80. min 3:0 China Peng Zhao replaces Wei Du
76. min 3:0 Palestine Hussein Jawhar replaces Khader Yousef Abu Hammad
76. min 3:0 Palestine Sharif Nassar Adnan replaces Maen Gamal Obaid
72. min 3:0 Palestine Ismail Al-Amour was cautioned with a yellow card.
67. min 3:0 China Tao Chen replaces Qiang Wang
66. min 3:0 Palestine Hussam Wadi was cautioned with a yellow card.
63. min 3:0 Palestine Ayman Al-Hendi replaces Said Al-Sobakhi
62. min 3:0 China Jindong Liu replaces Xuri Zhao
62. min 3:0 China Hao Rong replaces Xiang Sun
59. min 3:0 China Hao Yang scored a goal!
48. min 2:0 China Lin Gao scored a goal!
46. min 1:0 Palestine Assem Abu Assi replaces Mohammed Eshbair
46. min 1:0 China Lin Gao replaces Peng Han
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
39. min 1:0 Palestine Ahmed Salameh replaces Maaly Kwarei
37. min 1:0 China Peng Han was cautioned with a yellow card.
11. min 1:0 China Bo Qu scored a goal!
6. min 0:0 China Zhuoxiang Deng was cautioned with a yellow card.
Begin of First Half

China Chinese Football Association

Palestine Palestinian Football Association

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

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  • Capacity: -
  • Capacity intl.: -
  • Owner: -
  • City: Tianjin
  • Country: China