New Zealand vs. Solomon Islands

Final result: 6:1

End of Second Half
86. min 6:1 New Zealand Chris Wood was cautioned with a yellow card.
83. min 6:1 New Zealand Marco Rojas scored a goal (assist by Chris Wood)!
82. min 5:1 New Zealand Marco Rojas replaces Ivan Vicelich
80. min 5:1 New Zealand Chris Wood scored a goal (assist by Kosta Barbarouses)!
73. min 4:1 New Zealand Chris Wood replaces Shane Smeltz
73. min 4:1 New Zealand Ben Sigmund replaces Ryan Nelsen
69. min 4:1 New Zealand Tony Lochhead scored a goal (assist by Chris Killen)!
54. min 3:1 Solomon Islands Himson Teleda replaces Gagame Feni
53. min 3:1 New Zealand Chris Killen scored a goal (assist by Leo Bertos)!
51. min 2:1 Solomon Islands Henry Fa'arodo scored a goal (assist by Leslie Nate)!
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
43. min 2:0 Solomon Islands Paul Huia replaces Samson Koti
25. min 2:0 New Zealand Kosta Barbarouses scored a goal (assist by Tony Lochhead)!
12. min 1:0 New Zealand Shane Smeltz scored a goal (assist by Leo Bertos)!
Begin of First Half

New Zealand New Zealand Football

Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Football Federation

North Harbour Stadium

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  • City: Auckland
  • Country: New Zealand