Argentina vs. Uruguay

Final result: 2:0

End of Second Half
85. min 2:0 Argentina Claudio Husaín replaces Diego Cagna
78. min 2:0 Argentina Gustavo López replaces Martín Palermo
76. min 2:0 Argentina Mauricio Pochettino replaces Guillermo Barros Schelotto
73. min 2:0 Argentina Nelson Vivas was cautioned with a red card and sent off!
58. min 2:0 Uruguay Marcelo Romero replaces Federico Bergara
56. min 2:0 Argentina Martín Palermo scored a goal!
46. min 1:0 Uruguay Antonio Pacheco replaces Gabriel Álvez
46. min 1:0 Uruguay Gianni Guigou replaces Andrés Fleurquín
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
1. min 1:0 Argentina Kily González scored a goal!
Begin of First Half
End of Unknown Half
0. min 0:0 Uruguay Fabián Coelho was cautioned with a yellow card.
0. min 0:0 Argentina Martín Palermo was cautioned with a yellow card.
0. min 0:0 Argentina Juan Pablo Sorín was cautioned with a yellow card.
Begin of First Half

Argentina Asociación del Fútbol Argentino

Uruguay Asociación Uruguayana de Fútbol

Feliciano Cáceres

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  • City: Luque
  • Country: Paraguay