South Korea vs. North Korea

Final result: 3:0

End of Second Half
87. min 3:0 South Korea Beom-Seok Oh replaces Won-Hee Cho
79. min 3:0 South Korea Chun-Soo Lee replaces Kyung-Ho Chung
78. min 3:0 North Korea Jong-Ho An replaces Yong-Jun Kim
76. min 3:0 North Korea Yong-Gwang Ri replaces Jong-Hyok Cha
70. min 3:0 South Korea Hee-Ju Kwak replaces Young-Chul Kim
68. min 3:0 South Korea Chu-Young Park scored a goal!
67. min 2:0 South Korea Dong-Gook Lee replaces Jin-Yong Kim
64. min 2:0 North Korea Song-Gwan Pak replaces Chol-Man Choe
59. min 2:0 South Korea Jung-Woo Kim replaces Do-Heon Kim
46. min 2:0 South Korea Yong-Dae Kim replaces Young-Kwang Kim
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
45. min 2:0 South Korea Do-Heon Kim was cautioned with a yellow card.
36. min 2:0 South Korea Jin-Yong Kim scored a goal!
34. min 1:0 South Korea Kyung-Ho Chung scored a goal!
33. min 0:0 North Korea Song-Chol Nam was cautioned with a yellow card.
Begin of First Half

South Korea Korea Football Association | Daehan Chukgu Hyeophoe

North Korea DPR Korea Football Association

Seoul World Cup Stadium

  • Opened: 2001
  • Capacity: 66806
  • Capacity intl.: 66806
  • Owner: -
  • City: Seoul
  • Country: South Korea