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Here you can find statistics about all the national football teams of the world, and the tournaments they play in. Have fun clicking your way through the archive, talk to some other football fans on the forum and tell us if you find any mistakes.

Updated Philippines Section2009-06-19

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Updated 2008/09 Season2009-06-18

Serbia (SuperLiga)

Serbia (Prva Liga)

Slovakia (Superliga)

Denmark (1.Division)

Montenegro (Prva Liga)

Added Match Data2009-06-18

Bahrain - Uzbekistan (17.06)

South Korea - Iran (17.06)

Saudi Arabia - North Korea (17.06)

Added Match Data2009-06-17

Albania - Georgia (10.06)

Mozambique - Malawi (11.02)

Spain - Iraq (17.06)

Australia - Japan (17.06)

South Africa - New Zealand (17.06)

Updated 2008/09 Season2009-06-15

Wales (Premier League)

Switzerland (Challenge League)

Italy (Serie B)

Germany (Regionalliga)

Romania (Liga 1)

Added Match Data2009-06-15

Angola - Guinea (14.06)

Brazil - Egypt (15.06)

USA - Italy (15.06)

Added Match Data2009-06-14

Ivory Coast - Cameroon (13.06)

South Africa - Iraq (14.06)

New Zealand - Spain (14.06)

Missing Match Data2009-06-14

Tonga - Cook Islands (12.06)

Updated 2008/09 Season2009-06-14

Bulgaria (A Group)

Bulgaria (B Group)

Montenegro (Prva Liga)

Missing Match Data2009-06-12

Tonga - Cook Islands (10.06)

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